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Does solar make sense for my business?

Given plummeting solar prices, solar is extremely cost competitive to diesel generators.

Businesses that rely on the national grid and diesel generators face rising power costs. Rising diesel prices, increases in grid tariffs, and high operations and maintenance costs for generators, make the status quo increasingly untenable.

But, a hybrid power solution in which solar provides a large percentage of your energy consumption allows businesses to regain control of their energy supply.

Solar is more reliable, affordable, and a clean alternative to fossil fuels.

What are the benefits of a Starsight solution?

The Starsight solution provides your business with the following benefits: 

  • Significantly reduces your power cost 
  • Provides a reliable and more predictable power source 
  • Protects the environment by reducing your carbon footprint 
  • Avoids inflation and increase in grid tariff
  • Increases your property value 
  • Requires low maintenance of power assets

What options are available for my business?

Starsight provides a range of options to clients depending on their energy needs. 

  • Power as a Service – This is a full hybrid solution that consists of  best fit renewable power sources, cutting edge battery storage, a robust energy management system and full operations & maintenance (O&M) services. All equipment is installed at no upfront costs. Starsight is a one-stop shop for all your power needs. 

Solar as a Service – A strictly solar PV solution provides significant cost savings. This option is also at no upfront costs. You only pay a fixed monthly fee which decreases with a longer contract duration. The energy management system is optional. Starsight also provides maintenance services.

What do Operation and Maintenance (O&M) services include?

O&M services monitor performance and detect possible issues early on, ensuring the system runs efficiently throughout its lifetime. 

O&M services also include:

  • On-site support and maintenance of solar panels, including fault fixing and routine cleaning
  • Generator maintenance, servicing and repairs
  • AC servicing and repair
  • Continuous performance monitoring: alarm triggers indicate necessary remedial work
  • Access to our in-house engineering team for quick fixes and in-depth troubleshooting 
  • 24/7 customer service support 

Starsight will provide maintenance services after business hours to avoid disruption to your business operations.

What type of assets does Starsight deploy to my business?

Using the latest technology, we ensure you receive the best equipment tailored to your power needs. 

We deploy the following assets:

  • Solar panels
  • Generators
  • Inverters
  • Battery storage  
  • Energy efficient cooling and lighting

Can Starsight integrate my existing power equipment into its solar solution?

Yes, Starsight can use your existing equipment such as generators, batteries, inverters and air conditioners provided they are not older than two years and are certified as being in good running order by respective OEM. 

What are the minimum and maximum contract tenures?

The minimum duration is 5 years. There is no maximum duration. Customers pick a contract duration that best meets their requirements. 

How does the Starsight solution work?

We design and recommend best-fit solution(s) for your site. 

The Starsight deployment process has the following steps:

  • Energy audit 
  • Solution design
  • Deployment 
  • Operation and maintenance

Can the solar PV system power high power consuming electrical equipment on my premises?

Yes. With our energy management system, we carry out a power audit and recommend energy efficient equipment such as air conditioners, pumps, and lighting.

Can I go 100% solar?

It is sometimes possible to go completely solar.  Whether this is possible is the amount of roof space or ground area to mount the required number of panels. In cases where there is enough space you can run entirely on solar.

Is it possible to scale up my Starsight power solution?

Yes, Starsight power solutions are 100% scalable.

Starsight’s projects are designed to accommodate a customer’s rising energy demand in function with its growing business. If your site’s load requirement increases due to an rising number of AC units or equipment, we upgrade the power system to match the increased load.

Please note that we will adjust the service fee accordingly.

Who pays for the initial asset capital costs and asset replacement costs?

Starsight provides you deferred capital benefits with no initial capital outlay. We also handle replacement of power assets during the contract duration.

What is the cost of a typical site?

We base costs on capacity. Every project is unique and expertly designed to suit your needs. Site costs depend on your facility’s size, load requirement and operating hours. We are happy to provide a free preliminary assessment and indicative cost upon receipt of your request. 

My business uses power at night. Will the Starsight solution work for me?

Under our Power as a Service model, the battery storage will power the night load. For high power consuming sites, we provide standby generators to power your night load.

Do you charge per KWH?

Yes we do. Our model is consumption based.

Can I own the asset?

Yes. This option is available.

What do I do with the decommissioned asset?

You can dispose of it using an asset disposal company or relocate it to another site.

How much cost savings are you offering?

We can achieve up to 40% cost savings for locations where we can significantly reduce energy consumption. Adequate roof space is also a key factor in driving down costs.

What is the capacity of your biggest installation?

We install power systems with capacity of up to 5MW.

What is your roll out time?

Our timeline for deployment is 2 to 6 weeks from conclusion of the contract. The timeline depends on the solution size, regulatory permits, health & safety requirements and type of business.

What if I don’t have enough roof-space for solar panels?

Starsight can provide stanchions or ground mount for the panels to maximize solar contribution

Who fixes a faulty roof?

Starsight. We take over complete management of the roof.

How efficient are solar panels during the rainy season?

Solar panels generate electricity most efficiently during the sunny part of the day and less when it is raining and cloudy. The latest solar panels can harvest a considerable amount of PV in the daylight.

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